• November 2012 - Emmanuel International, a Canadian registered Charity based in Stoufville Ontario sought the help of UNPAPER to re-structure and re-organize their Quickbooks system. UNPAPER also provided a full bookkeeping service for the past 2 years' financials then complete full financial statements. In doing so, UNPAPER also discovered unclaimed HST amounts which resulted in additional HST rebates.
  • October 2012 - UNPAPER conducted the Church Finance Workshop for Church Planting Ministries Inc. The objective was to provide basic financial and regulatory information for their over 30 church treasurers, finance officers and pastors. Based on the workshop feedback survey, over 95% rated the workshop greater than "7 out of 10", with over half rating it as a 9 or 10.  
  • August 2012 - UNPAPER completes another Charity Return for a Mississauga church-based Charity. It included the service to recover HST paid on expenses, garnering an HST Rebate of over $3,000.
  • June 2012 - CPMI or Church Planting Ministries Inc., a Canadian registered Charity based in Mississauga has appointed UNPAPER as its official administration and finance management company. UNPAPER will provide the full service document management and financial operations management which includes administration, accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll and general accounting. CPMI has over 14 member churches under its administration.
  • May 2012 - Another Mississauga church-based Charity receives the UNPAPER bookkeeping service for their annual Charity Return and GST/HST Rebate return.
  • April 2012 - UNPAPER signs up another charity which is a church and Bible College as one of its customers, providing bookkeeping service for GST/HST Charity Return.
  • February 2012 - UNPAPER launched the UNPAPER Secured Site where customer documents and reports are managed. With this secured cloud service, it is now more convenient for clients to share with and submit documents to UNPAPER for processing and to view and download their reports securely, without having to send confidential information via email.
  • January 2012 - UNPAPER signs up a Mississauga-based charity/church as one of its customers, providing the Full-service Business Intelligence service to its 12 member-churches located across the Greater Toronto Area.
  • November 2011 - UNPAPER launches its Full-service Business Intelligence (FBI) for small businesses, not-for-profit organizations and professionals in Mississauga, Ontario.